Pioneering Multi-dimensional Art Space

Artelli is the pioneering multi-dimensional space for contemporary art, Artelli has a strong devotion to deliver art projects, including exclusive and debut collections. In the future, the art space would ascend into the world of Metaverse, NFTs and more.

Luxury Art Community Platform

Artelli is the ultimate central art hub to house contemporary art and culture event and activities.

Exclusive Debut Collections

Artelli will join forces with world-renowned top artists and brand designers to launch Artelli exclusive debut collections.

“The Madness Never Ends” Solo Exhibition by Contemporary Artist, Chen Wei Zhu Arrives at Artelli

Artelli, the pioneering multi-dimensional art space, presents “The Madness Never Ends”...


Mr Doodle Original Artwork Exhibition

2023.08.01 - 11.30 , 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Artelli, The Showroom, City of Dreams, 


Artelli presents: “Attack of Clone Venus” Exhibition Debut in Hong Kong

Join Takeru Amano "Attack of Clone Venus" in Hong Kong...


Hikari Shimoda's "Children of this Planet" Debuted in Shanghai, Macau, and Taipei

Hikari Shimoda's "Children of this Planet" debuts globally at Artelli, Shanghai, with simultaneous presentations in Macau and Taipei. Let's experience Shimoda's distinctive and ethereal artistic style.


Satoru KOIZUMI Disney Collection Exhibition Debut in Macau

Satoru Koizumi was born in 1983 in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan....