Join Takeru Amano, the legendary Japanese artist, on an extraordinary journey as he unveils his debut NFT exhibition, "Attack of Clone Venus" in Hong Kong. Amano drew inspiration from his iconic series “VENUS” to create the brand-new collection “CLONE VENUS,” consisting of 450 NFT digital collectibles and physical works. The exhibition sets out to uncover the limitless creative possibilities of digital art with modern technology, transporting us to the metaverse and awakening our senses in a truly multi-dimensional experience.

The "CLONE VENUS" collection by Amano portrays his reverence and admiration for the beauty of women. Going beyond physical appearance, he believes that their true allure lies in their ever-changing personalities. The term “clone” refers to organisms that are exact genetic copies while possessing their own individual uniqueness. The “VENUS” series is much like clones, Amano created more than 1,000 artworks that takes inspiration from real life symbolic events, adopting strong contrasts between bold and minimalist character designs, as well as bright and saturated color compositions. Through symbolic metaphors and enigmatic expressions of the protagonist, the artwork unleashes interactive thinking between the art and its audience.

Exhibition Period : 2023.05.26 - 07.04 Mon – Sun 11:00 – 21:00
Location : Shop 18, G/F & LG/F New World Tower, 16-18 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong