At the beginning of all things, the great Dao is as simple as it is complex (The greatest truths  are …). From point to line, it portrays the geometric principles that constitute the vast world, depicted on a flat surface: the principles of architecture, geography, and the universe - interconnected paths with each other. Unraveling the complexities and simplifying them once again, it deconstructs the challenges of reality. In the midst of simplicity and complexity, we search for innovation in balance.

While the real world is made up of many living entities that converge and connect, with an inherent pace, the artist, through his own creations, constructs a new order and principle. Young Chinese avant-garde artist Wang Bo boldly and vividly analyzes and appropriates everyday aesthetics, encapsulating the reconstruction of Chinese landscapes and the translation of Western classics in his series of works. Wang Bo combines historical visual narratives with spatial treatment, presenting a visually compelling language that exudes a fresh sense of perception.

Wang Bo connects diverse elements such as painting, intention, memory, and emotion in unpredictable ways. His works oscillate between complexity and simplicity, creating a three-dimensional, boundless, lifeless abstract space folded into abundant colors of life. Behind continual reflections on the dual significance of time and space lies, undoubtedly, the artist's irrepressible romantic sentiment.


Wang Bo, currently residing and working in Beijing, is one of the 100 selected artists in “Art Nova 100”. Since 2010, he has held over ten solo exhibitions in cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Xi'an. In recent years, while continuing his creative journey with the "Statement of Keepsake" and "A Book" series, he has also been actively involved in various public art projects, including the 2023 SAIC Volkswagen’s “Starry Program”, the 2022 “ART JINGYANG”in Sichuan, the 2021 Beijing Subway’s “The Future Train Art Project”, and the 2020 “YI SHU I LIKE” art project in Hebei. Wang Bo's artistic achievements have been recognized with awards such as the Bronze Award of Journey and Art’Nomination Exhibition by Today Art Museum, and the Independent Character Nomination Exhibition Award for excellence by DHW Art Museum. In 2019, he curated the NetEase News Online Exhibition “Hyperlink”. His works are now collected by prominent institutions such as the Today Art Museum, Xi'an Western Art Museum, SongZhuang Art Museum,GuanXiang Art Gallery, and Digital China Group.

Exhibition Period: 2023.08.01 - 10.15, 11:00 – 19:00
Location: Artelli, L02 The Showroom, City of Dreams, Macau
Program of “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2023” Collateral Exhibition

Outreach program:
Meet up the Artist
Event date: 2023.08.05 (Sat) 15:00 – 17:00
Participants: Public, aged 12 or above
Free participation, no need to register in advance