Renowned Japanese photography master Nobuyoshi Araki's "Paradise" curated by Artelli, the Pioneering Multi-dimensional Art Space, and co-organized with ARTOX GROUP, title sponsored by FUJIFILM will be showcased in Hong Kong and Macau.


In celebration of Nobuyoshi Araki's upcoming 84th birthday in May this year, the "Paradise" will present over 200 classic works, paying tribute in various forms. The Hong Kong POP-UP^ will be held at K11 MUSEA's CEMENT, the Modular Creative-and Community-driven Space, from April 27 to May 15. Highlights include the revival of the iconic projector, first unveiled in the 1960s, showcasing a series of Araki's film photography works.

The Macau Exhibition will be located at Artelli, the Pioneering Multi-dimensional Art Space at The Showroom at City of Dreams from April 30 to May 28. The exhibition will feature a selection of Nobuyoshi Araki's photography works from the 1990s to recent years, focusing on his floral-themed works, spanning various series including "Women", "Private Photography", and selected works from "Erotos" offering a glimpse into the sincere emotions of the master photographer. A special "Darkroom^" area will be set up to allow visitors to glimpse into Araki's photographic desires.

^Open to the public aged 18 and above only. Personal identification required for entry.


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There will be highly collectible artist-signed instant photography works in deluxe editions, along with a variety of limited-edition Nobuyoshi Araki merchandise available for purchase, including candles, plates, umbrellas, and plush. 

Additionally, the Hong Kong POP-UP and Macau Exhibition will feature a FUJIFILM Experience Zone, showcasing Nobuyoshi Araki's works through the FP-Z8000/FP-Z6000 projector, providing a unique perspective on the master's soulful photography. The event will also introduce the latest model of the instax mini instant camera, the instax mini 99, which has been updated for the first time in 11 years to the highest specifications available on the market. Visitors will have the opportunity to be the first to experience and purchase the instax mini 99, along with six unique film filters, offering photography enthusiasts an engaging and interactive experience.



The Hong Kong POP-UP and Macau Exhibition will feature selected works spanning 40 years of Araki's creative career. Through his photography themes of "Flowers" and "Women", which symbolize Araki's exploration of Eros and Thanatos (the drive of life and death), viewers are invited to delve into his works on urban scenes, skies, portraits of his wife, and beloved cat. Araki's works transport viewers to another world and another time, offering a glimpse into his unique artistic perspective.

Nobuyoshi Araki's "Paradise" 

Period: April 27 – May 15 (11:00 – 21:00)

Period: April 30 – May 28 (11:00 – 20:00)