“Shades of Blooms”​  Solo Exhibition by Contemporary Artist, Zhuang Hong-Yi​  ​

Artelli, the multi-dimensional art space, presents Macau’s debut solo exhibition of the internationally renowned Chinese artist, Zhuang Hong-Yi, titled “Shades of Blossoms”. The exhibition run from February 2 to February 29, 2024, coinciding with the Chinese New Year festivities. This blossoming exhibition seamlessly intertwines art with traditional celebratory ambiance, offering visitors an immersive experience within vivid canvases of flowers.

“Shades of Blossoms” by Zhuang Hong-Yi

In this exhibition, Zhuang's works speak through his renowned layered flowerbeds, presenting a visual language of hope and new beginnings, while evoking feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and rejuvenation. He skillfully translates personal narratives and perspectives into visual tales, using a harmonious and emotive color palette that renders his art both astonishing and intriguing. Shades of Blossoms explores the rebirth of spring and the blossoming of flowers, forming an elegant imagery with the interplay of light and shadow. By incorporating vibrant colors and light within the flowerbeds, his artwork captures the enduring beauty that persists along the passage of time. 

“Shades of Blooms”​ by Zhuang Hong-Yi​  ​

Zhuang’s renowned and highly collectible color-changing flowerbeds stand as a distinctive hallmark of his creations. From afar, his works resemble a gracefully arranged flowerbed. Upon a closer look, they reveal a harmonious tapestry of seamlessly blended petal textures. This enchanting gradient effect lures audiences into a dynamic visual journey akin to a floral kaleidoscope. To fully immerse oneself in the textured and ever-evolving artistic landscapes, experiencing Zhuang’s works in person becomes an unmissable journey.

Location: Artelli, The Showroom, City of Dreams, Macau
Exhibition Period: 2024.02.02 - 2024.02.29